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About Us

A Healthcare Center for You and Your Family

From the moment you enter Foxworth Chiropractic, we make sure that your visit is a pleasant one. happy-family-chiropractic

Our friendly and pleasant team takes pride in providing you with the best possible healthcare.

Our purpose is to help as many people as possible recover their youthful health and vitality through the use of non-surgical physical rehabilitation.

Why Us?

We know what’s important isn’t just the services that we offer or the conditions that we treat, but rather how we provide those services and treat those conditions. Our entire team at Foxworth Chiropractic are committed to processing the knowledge, expertise and caring attitude, which will satisfy your individual needs.

We offer Advanced Chiropractic Care,  Spinal Decompression, Physiologic Therapeutics, Active Rehabilitation, Orthotics, Wellness and Lifestyle Education and  DOT Physicals.

We specialize in family health and wellness care, sports rehabilitation, work and auto injuries.

Our state of the art facility is located in Flowood, MS.

Expert Care From An Extraordinary Team

At Foxworth Chiropractic, we focus on rehabilitation of the spine and body. We specialize in providing the best combination of chiropractic treatment and complimentary therapies and aids to give our patients a unique and incredibly gentle pain-relieving and healing experience.

The Doctors of Foxworth Chiropractic are very dedicated to empowering the patient toward better health, by providing education, as well as care.

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To Learn More About Our Team

Together with our amazing team, we work together in delivering the highest quality and most cutting edge in chiropractic, spinal and physical rehabilitation. We specialize in the use of Core Exercises and lifestyle education to help retrain and strengthen your spine and body.  This wonderful combination is what has our practice stand out as leaders who not only relieve your pain but also improve the function of your spine and help you stay healthy longer and recover faster.

Participating Insurance Networks

Foxworth Chiropractic currently participates in the following insurance networks:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Fox/Everett
  • Physicians Care Network
  • ChiroHealth USA
  • United Health Care
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

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