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Patient Testimonials

We value our patients’ experience at Foxworth Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Patient Experience Survey and email it to The Survey is in Microsoft Word and requires Microsoft Word or compatible software.

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What did you like best about our office?

“The professional manner of Dr. Cefalu. Very patient and a good teacher regarding spinal issues.”

-GR 7/20/18

“Staff is very friendly and helpful. I am very pleased with my care.”

-LA 7/3/18

“The promptness of service and the professional and friendly demeanor of the staff.”

-AS 6/2/18

“Friendly educated staff. natural remedy for my migraines.”

-RN 5/10/18

“No lengthy waiting time.”

-RL 5/3/18

“The way they helped me care for myself. Very clean office and very friendly staff and doctors. I thank my doctor for recommending me to this office. I really like the late hours, wchich allowed me to get off work and come in for my office visit. Most of all I have felt better since coming there.”

-LL 4/19/18

“The staff and doctors were very kind and professional.”

-SW 3/14/18

“Everyone is so nice and makes me feel comfortable. Very helpful.”

-MP 2/8/18

“Dr. Rodriguez really took time to explain my injury in a detailed manner that I could understand. He really made me feel comfortable every visit. The therapy staff was also very helpful and understanding.”

-LD 1/31/18

“Dr. Rodriguez has impacted my life in  more ways than he can imagine. I spent 2 years going to a variety of specialist to try to figure out why my back hurt so bad. It took Dr. Rodriguez about 10 minutes of hands on examination to get a good idea of what was causing my pain. After 2 years of tests coming back normal and doctors not believeing me when I told them about my pain, deciding to come to Foxworth Chiropractic has truly changed my life. I can feel my pain slowly diminishing and I can now live life without being in constant excruciating pain.”

-TT 1/25/18

“Clean, updated, professional.”
– DM 12/16/17

“Friendliness and knowledge to treat a particular anatomical problem. Knowledge, friendliness, and professionalism.”
– TH 11/9/17

“What a great staff. I felt like everyone was geniunely interested in helping me improve.”
– DM 11/3/17

“I like the staff’s friendliness and Dr. Shearer’s knowledge/expertise. Great care all around.”
– CB 11/2/17

“After the very first visit I had significant relief from pain. I appreciate the friendly and caring atmosphere.”
– 11/1/17

“Welcoming atmosphere – and staff/doctors really listen to my issues. Friendly staff and extended hours.”
– EJ 11/1/17

“Y’all are awesome! Loving enviroment. Very comfortable space.”
– RH 10/27/17

“The treatment and professionalism of the staff. The overall clinic is great.”
– MW 10/26/17

“Professional atmosphere. Courtesy and concern about my health. Personalized treatment.”
– DF 10/26/17

“Everyone is very nice, prompt, and courteous. I have absolutely NO complaints!”
– JM 10/25/17

“Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. I’ve had great results.”
– ABS 10/6/17

“Promptness. Very good experience.”
– MW 10/5/17

“Everyone in the office is very personable.”
– KS 8/21/17

“The doctors and staff are very caring and professional. Dr. Cefalu is very caring and truly cares and listens! I love that visits are not rushed but thorough and have helped me tremendously!”
– KF 8/21/17

“The staff. They know their stuff.”
– JS 8/15/17

“The staff were very friendly, made you at home. Dr. Berry was like we had known each other for a while.”
– MP 8/14/17

“Warm and welcoming. Quick and efficient.”
– SS 8/13/17

“The personal attention & knowledge of the doctors.”
– JK 8/9/17

“Very professional and the best Chiropractic care in town.”
– BD 7/2/17

“Friendliness, professionalism, & clean atmosphere. Great staff & great help.”
– AK 6/18/17

“Peaceful & friendly atmosphere…updated procedures.”
– BM 6/16/17

“I liked feeling like I was first priority.”
– 6/5/17

“Prompt & caring attention by all staff. Caring, effective treatment.”
– ST 5/26/17

“Kindness, friendliness, pleasant, good bed side manners, treat you like family. Love everything! It is like no other office I have been to.”
– JL 5/23/17

“I like the staff the best.”
– KM 5/23/17

“They treat me like a person and they care.”
– DC 5/22/17

“Dr. Shearer fixed my arm! And I like the traction machine. I got well after a year in pain.”
– MW 5/16/17

“Friendly atmosphere. The treatments were wonderful.”
– WO 5/6/17

“Very friendly staff.”
– BL 4/17/17

“I liked how personal and helpful they were and how much they seem to care. I think we received the best care.”
– MR 4/16/17

“Excellent service! Never had to wait. The staff was excellent. Best treatment from a chiropractor I ever experienced.”
– CP 4/10/17

“Everyone seems to like their job and always are helpful and friendly. I feel welcomed when I am there and feel better than I have in months pain wise.”
– JW 4/3/17

“Dr. Berry & her staff were very good. The treatment helped! All aspects were very friendly & professional.”
– MR 3/30/17

“Dr. Berry shows concern for my health and has solutions to solve any problem!”
– AW 3/30/17

“The combination of professionalism and casualness in the office. I feel welcome and it’s not ‘stuffy’. I believe the work the doctors do is necessary and I don’t feel like they ‘overtreat’.”
– MW 3/11/17

“How thorough Dr. Berry was. Friendly staff, very accommodating.”
– MB 3/3/17

“I was able to get an appointment quickly. And how sweet and wonderful Dr. Berry was.”
– BM 3/2/17

“Very friendly atmosphere and professional.”
– AF 2/27/17

“The willingness to listen to you by the doctors.”
– WH 2/17/17

“I know that you are looking out for my best interest and listening to my preferences. I prefer and appreciate the multiple options of care, including the more subtle approach.”
– CU 2/8/17

“I am so very happy with everything! And my positive progress is something that’s invaluable! Especially after 1 1/2 years of constant pain! Thanks!”
– SS 2/7/17

“The friendly and professional staff/doctors and the promptness of being taken for treatment as well as the thoughtful reminders of appointments were all pluses.”
– JR 2/1/17

“The depth of knowledge with each doctor and the different uses of adjustment technique.”
– AE 1/27/17

“I very much enjoyed the atmosphere of the office. Everyone made us feel welcome and were eager to help. I look forward to coming every visit. Y’all go above and beyond in care and professionalism.”
– BR 1/23/17

“Schedule is extremely flexible and friendly.”
– TM 1/23/17

“Everyone is friendly and professional. I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Shearer and the positive outcome. She relieved my pain and discomfort considerably. I am feeling much better but will not hesitate to schedule an appointment if/when it is needed.”
– CW 8/3/16

“The staff really cares about patients.”
– KRM 7/30/16

“Comfortable, laid back, but professional office.”
– DA 7/28/16

“Nice people, clean, no waiting.”
– CW 7/25/16

“Your staff and my chiropractor. Prompt and professional.”
– JH 7/23/16

“Very friendly staff.”
– MH 7/23/16

“Dr. Berry’s mannerisms and treatment. I went into the office with pain and getting better every day.”
– SD 7/22/16

“Always ready for me.”
– LR 7/20/16

“Friendliness, knowledge.”
– ST 7/12/16

“You worked me in although I was not a prior patient. My family was happy to hear someone was finally taking care of me. Very friendly staff and understanding, knowledgeable doctors.”
– JJ 5/13/16

“I always look forward to coming to this practice.”
– SS 5/10/16

“They listen, took xrays and pinpointed everything…then set about to put me back in shape. Help at last.”
– JG 5/9/16

“The courtesy and promptness of being seeing by Dr. Berry.The staff is friendly, professional, and willing to listen to you when you have questions.”
– SS 5/3/16

“I enjoy the friendly staff, the personal attention received from my doctor, and the information given if new developments happen then it’s explained. I recommended the office to a church member and they were very pleased.”
– KT 5/2/16

“Therapy and kindness”
– DW 4/26/16

“Friendly, efficient, courteous. Dr. Cefalu was able to treat my pain and I am so grateful.”
– SB 4/7/16

“Love, love, love this place! The staff are always friendly and outgoing. The Doctors are knowledgeable, thorough in your assessment, and have a very good bedside manner. The exercise & rehab sessions are very helpful as well. On top of that, you’re literally in and out in no more than an hour in most cases, and you’re definitely walking out better than you walked in every single time. I would recommend Foxworth Chiropractic to everyone and do when given the opportunity!”
– BO 4/6/16

“I have bone spurs on neck and spine, degenerative discs and arthritis. Atrophy in right leg. Feeling better after one visit Thank you Jesus.”
– DDC 3/29/16

“Dr. Andrew Cefalu and his staff, for getting me ready to play in the Good Golf tournament held at Reunion Golf Club.”
– KS 3/25/16

“Everything is GREAT!”
– AC 3/3/16

“Friendly, professional staff. I seem to be getting better from my treatments.”
– RM 3/2/16

“Treatment and personal attention. Courteous and professional.”
– JW 1/25/16

“Text reminders and willingness to work with my coverage. Professional, open and knowlegeable.”
– AC 1/29/16

“The people and customer service. Thanks so much for all you have done. Dr. Berry is so professional and is making my life better.”
– RM 1/23/16

“The feeling of homeliness, personalization and promptness.”
– 1/20/16

“The personal attention of the doctor. Made me feel very comfortable.”
– SS 1/15/16

“The Staff.”
– RM 1/14/16

“Friendliness & promptness.”
– VB 12/26/15

“I feel so welcome there. Whitney always has a smile on her face & greets me by name. Dr. Cefalu is great, he is knowledgable and works quickly. I never have to wait long. My friends are just as impressed as I am.”
– AH 12/25/15

“I liked the flexibility of scheduling best.”
– MC 10/28/2015

“I would like to say thank you to the doctors and staff. Everyone has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and appreciated. I look forward to each appointment.”
– 12/1/2015

“Personal, friendly, prompt service.”
-GH 11/2/15

“Appreciated being treated with respect and kindness.”
-EN 10/27/15

“I liked having a PT in the office so I didn’t have to go to another appointment somewhere else.”
-TR 11/16/15

“Friendliness and the relaxed atmosphere.”
-VM 11/21/15

“Personal attention.”
-SP 9/24/15

“New, modern, and clean office and equipment.”
– MC 9/21/15

“Caring and wonderful results. Helpfulness and always willing to listen.”
-DE 9/16/15

“Very little wait time.”
-PP 9/14/15

“Office staff and professionalism.”
-DR 9/11/15

“Willingness to listen.”
-WC 9/8/15

“Being seen at my appointment time.”
-MD 9/7/15

“The friendly staff coming in and the relief when I’m leaving.”
-PY 9/6/15

“Fast, logical results with thorough information.”
-AM 8/31/15

“I loved the friendly feeling you get when you walk through the front door. The office staff are so friendly and kind. The therapists and doctors are always on their “A” game. Entire office is knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. Love this team!”
-DE 8/27/15

“Friendliness of the staff. I was hurting so bad for six years. I’ve had to stop singing in the choir because I couldn’t stand for a long time. I would hurt just walking to my mailbox. Now it doesn’t hurt! I am trying to walk more. I promise it is like a new lease on life.”
-VF 8/24/15

“Very good staff, very knowledgeable and always addressed by name.”
-BR 8/15/15

“Promptness. Very short wait time.”
-JK 6/24/15

“Professionalism and promptness.”
-TE 6/21/15

“Videos and messages are good health and nutrition practices.”
-WG 6/15/15

“Staff are very personable.”
-RA 6/8/15

“Everyone is SUPER friendly and professional! You guys rock, don’t change a thing!”
-CA 6/6/15

“My thanks to your awesome staff for being so friendly and caring since my first visit to your office. I love the fact that Dr. Berry explains everything to me and takes care of my concerns and answers my questions. My discomforts/pain have started to decrease and I’m feeling so much better. Coming to get a second opinion was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I made the right choice and I am truly grateful. Thank ya’ll so much for your great customer service and the care you have for us to make us feel better, decrease pain and progress to a better lifestyle.”
-DY 6/2/15

“Dr. Cefalu has been understanding, listen to me about my situation, and taken care of my pains in a gentle way. I’m so glad I decided to go because I’m now enjoying life. The staff is very friendly and its a pleasure to see them. I would highly recommend them. Thank you everyone at Foxworth”
-NA 5/13/15

“Personal attention. The doctors are not in a hurry.”
-TM 4/28/15

“You’re treated like a patient and not a number.”
-AT 4/13/15

“Health information everywhere”
-AH 4/9/15

“Promptness, courteous, professionalism, and friendliness of everyone.”
-MS 3/31/15

“The individual bulletin boards in the rooms. Also the slideshow on the computer screen.”
-NR 3/24/15

“Everyone is quick to process me through, but courteous.”
-TP 3/23/15

“The atmosphere and the timely manner in which services are rendered.”
-Anonymous 3/18/15

“The friendly staff!”
-MB 3/18/15

“The info in waiting rooms running on the computer, the doctors, the staff, and no downtime. I was worked the whole session each day!”
-VC 3/10/15

“The friendly atmosphere and the help I have received for my pain.”
-JC 3/6/15

“Very friendly and professional. Do not have to wait for my sessions.”
-BB 2/28/15

“Everyone’s friendliness, clean environment, and no long wait. Everyone is very knowledgeable and efficient.”
-LJ 2/20/15

“Love the white boards with health info on them.”
-MW 2/18/15

“The professionalism of the staff and doctor.”
-LK 2/8/15

“The office visits are quick and efficient.”
-PS 2/3/15

“The overall treatment that I received.”
-LH 1/25/15

“The overall professionalism.”
-BB 1/24/15


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