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4 signs you need to see a chiropractor right away
by our Doctors

Read 4 signs you need to see a chiropractor right away by our Doctors to learn more about Foxworth Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Flowood, MS.

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75238357 - suffering young secretary feeling bad in the officeIn our fast-paced world, we’re under constant pressure to perform in top condition on a daily basis. Whether you’re a full-time employee, small business owner, stay-at-home parent, or college student, you probably feel stressed out whenever something unexpected arises, such as mysterious neck cramps or inexplicable pain in your lower back. If you’ve experienced unusual pain or joint soreness recently, then you might need to see a chiropractor right away.

Experiencing pain in your feet, knees, back or neck shouldn’t be dismissed as a temporary nuisance if this is a recurring event or more serious than usual. An experienced chiropractor can help you determine what the underlying causes may be, even if there’s no clear auto or sports-related accident that could have caused the discomfort and pain. If you’re wondering whether you need to visit a chiropractor or if you can “wait and see,” here are four warning signs that you should consult a professional on the matter:

Increased reliance on pain medication

Taking too many painkillers can lead to increased tolerance or even addiction, in some cases. If you’ve recently begun taking anti-inflammatory pain medications on a daily basis (or even multiple times a day), then this is a clear signal that you need to visit a professional to treat the pain, rather than continuing to manage it with over-the-counter meds.

For joint-related pain, getting adjustments and massage therapies can greatly diminish your pain over the course of a few weeks or months. You likely won’t experience a complete elimination of joint pain after just one or two sessions, but regular visits can substantially increase your comfort while reducing the need for pain medications to mask your discomfort.

Interruption of daily activities

If your back or neck pain is starting to interfere with daily functioning, then this is another good indicator that you should visit a chiropractor. For instance, if you struggle to lift medium-weight objects or cannot stand up straight after a period of sitting, your back may need adjustments to get your spine into alignment.

Other interruptions to watch out for include pain or discomfort while playing sports or working out, struggling to bend down to pick something off the floor, soreness around a joint while stationary, and difficulty sitting up straight or walking in a natural way.

Unresolved sleep issues

Some people function fine throughout the day, but when it comes to bedtime, they dread trying to get comfortable enough to sleep peacefully. People suffering from back and/or neck pain frequently report trouble sleeping – no matter how cozy the pillows and mattress are – because their joints are interrupting slumber by sending pain signals to the brain over and over.

Rather than masking sleep concerns with sleeping pills, bedtime tea, or other DIY solutions, you may benefit from a few visits with a chiropractor to ensure you can get back to sleeping normally and comfortably.

Soreness and stiffness while sitting

Did you know that sitting in a chair for long periods of time is really bad for your back? If you’re a busy professional or student who primarily sits behind a computer throughout the day, then no amount of gym workouts or walking after work are going to resolve back pain caused by sitting for 5+ hours every day.

This isn’t to say you should quit your job or drop thousands of dollars on a standing desk. Instead, regular visits to a chiropractor can help you keep your back pain in check without taking you away from necessary tasks throughout the day. Even if you’re just feeling sore (as opposed to legitimate pain), this could be a strong signal that your back pain may develop into a more serious problem.

When to visit a chiropractor

With these warning signs in mind, it’s important to visit a chiropractor as soon as you notice pain developing, rather than waiting several weeks or months. Even a little bit of soreness or stiffness in your joints can become a major concern if not properly managed, so do your body a favor and get evaluated by a professional to resolve your pain before it spreads or intensifies.

If you’re looking for the best chiropractor in Jackson Mississippi, then contact us at Foxworth Chiropractic to get your pain under control as quickly as possible. You may not experience a 100% reduction in pain right away, but with proper care and treatment from the best medical professionals, you’ll be able to return to your usual activities and normal life in no time.

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