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4 things you should do after a chiropractic adjustment
by our Doctors

Read 4 things you should do after a chiropractic adjustment by our Doctors to learn more about Foxworth Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Flowood, MS.

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43663238_SIt would be nice if there were a magical cure for pain, but the truth is that pain management and reduction requires time, money, and effort to get real results. Just as one visit to a dentist doesn’t mean you’ll never get cavities, one visit to a chiropractor doesn’t guarantee that all of your neck and back pain will be gone forever.

Rather, seeking treatment from a chiropractor involves multiple steps, including your initial decision to seek professional help for pain management, getting adjusted (over many visits, in some cases), and improving your self-care routine at home. These steps can help to mitigate flare-ups of lower back pain, neck aches or sleeping issues in the future. If you want to get the best results possible following your visit to the chiropractor, here are 4 things you should do after the first adjustment.

Remember That Soreness is Temporary

Whether this is your first time getting adjusted or you’ve been to the chiropractor many times, you may still experience some soreness in the 4-12 hours following an adjustment. This is perfectly normal, as your joints are trying to adjust to their new (and proper) configuration. The pain shouldn’t be even close to excruciating (if it is, contact your chiropractor right away), and it should go away within 24 hours of the adjustment (take light pain medication if you’re feeling uncomfortable).

Stretch on a Daily Basis

For longer-lasting results from your chiropractic treatments, stretching more frequently can help you loosen up your joints and avoid injuries. We all lead very busy lives, but it’s not that difficult to work a few minutes of stretching into your daily routine. Try stretching for five minutes before work, practice light yoga in front of the TV at night, or stretch it all out just before bed.

Studies have shown the benefits of stretching range from reduced risk of falling and/or injuries to lower blood sugar and lower levels of stress. You won’t see results immediately, but once you’ve developed a habit of stretching every day, you may notice you feel more flexible and the pain in your back or neck is less pronounced.

Increase Your Bodily Awareness

There are many easy lifestyle changes you can do to prolong the effectiveness of your chiropractic care. For instance, you may get a different office chair to improve your posture while sitting, set reminders to stand up and stretch every 30-60 minutes to avoid stiffness, exercise more frequently, avoid slouching at any point in your day, and adjust your chairs (e.g., couch or car seat) to encourage a better posture.

By increasing your own bodily awareness, you’ll be much less likely to experience long-term, hard-to-treat pain because these simple changes complement the benefits of chiropractic adjustments. It’s understandably difficult to correct a lifetime of poor posture, weak core muscles, or frequent sitting throughout the day, but if you truly dedicate yourself to developing new, healthier habits, you’ll likely experience much less pain compared to someone who expects a chiropractor to be their one-stop solution for all of their joint-related problems.

Continue a Chiropractic Care Regime

One of the biggest mistakes people make after visiting a chiropractor is assuming they’re back to normal and don’t need to return for more adjustments until the pain comes back. If you’ve been dealing with consistent and/or severe pain for quite some time, your joints will likely require multiple adjustments within the first few weeks of beginning treatment to see any significant, long-lasting progress with pain reduction.

After your first adjustment or two, talk to your chiropractor to determine how many adjustments you might need (and how frequently) until you can scale back without hindering your quality of life. For minor to moderate pain, you may only need a few treatments within the span of a month to feel better, while more severe spinal pain or injuries may require more months of treatment to avoid long-term damage to your joints (and more pain as a result).

If you’re ready to experience pain-free living and find the best chiropractor in Jackson Mississippi, then request an appointment with us today. Let’s see how we can help you manage your back and neck-related pain in holistic, natural ways!

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