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Welcome to Foxworth Chiropractic’s Health Articles Archive. Here you can learn more about Foxworth Chiropractic, Chiropractic, and our doctors at Foxworth Chiropractic, today’s choice for Chiropractors in Flowood, MS. Read Foxworth Chiropractic’s Health Articles for the health of it.

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Sports Rehabilitation and Improved Performance

Sports Rehabilitation Flowood MS Athletic Performance

Have you ever witnessed a professional or Olympic athlete that seems to be superhuman?  Did you sit and watch mesmerized by their quick reflexes, amazing speed, and agility?We all have.  While many simply believe it's "enhancement drugs" others, who are sports athletes, investigate further to find out what measures they are taking to become the 1% of ...


Ready For Pain Relief in Flowood?

Chronic Pain Solutions Flowood MS Low Back Pain

Are you in constant pain? Do you carefully balance between managing your pain vs. giving up and crying?  Is it just too much?" If you can relate or watch someone you love suffer needlessly, read on for insightful information to help you understand and choose the best pain solution options from the experts in treatments of headaches, ...


Knee Pain Stopping Your Activity?

Knee Pain Flowood MS Joint Pain

Has the knee pain in either or both of your knees have you missing out on some of your favorite activities? If this is the case, you are not alone.  Many people struggle with chronic knee pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, most people have just accepted that it is part of the aging process or are ...


Stressed? It’s time for a chiropractic adjustment

48971400 - woman tired of gift wrapping

Stress from your job, relationships, or even the holidays, can have some detrimental effects on the body. It can not only cause you to be distracted and feel frustrated, but it can also lead to pain. When you get stressed, you probably find yourself tensing up or even clenching your jaw. This can lead to ...


Is your back pain a result of bad posture?

19632371 - young businesswoman sitting on chair and holding her back in pain

While several things can lead to back pain, one of the common causes is bad posture. Although sitting with poor posture for a short period of time may not have any noticeable downsides, over time this bad habit can lead to pain. Poor posture while standing, sitting, or lying down, can “lead to anatomical changes ...


Why you should visit a chiropractor after a fall

17693320 - risk of accidents on slippery winter roads

Slips and falls can happen when you least expect them, and they can range from mild to severe. When you fall, your body can be put out of alignment. The impact can set things out of order, and lead to pain. While you may recover faster from some falls, others can lead you to suffer ...


Foods for better bone health


There are some key nutrients that promote healthy bones. Of course calcium and vitamin D are instrumental in this. Calcium plays an important role in keeping your bones and teeth strong, while vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and assists with bone growth. Magnesium and potassium also play a role in bone health. If ...


6 Tips to keep your back healthy and feeling good

portrait of a young african businesswoman suffering from backache

Back pain is a common complaint, and there are a lot of things that can cause it: herniated discs, strained muscles etc. If you’re experiencing back pain, determining the cause can be helpful in learning how to best treat the problem. It can also be helpful to know some of the things you can do ...


Add stretching to your routine for pain relief

If you’re skipping out on stretching, it may be time you added it to your routine. Stretching can benefit your muscles and your joints. When you stretch, it can help your muscles get more blood flow. Plus, it helps improve your overall motion. Did you know that stretching can help you be more flexible and ...


Keep active to keep bone density strong

Exercise is good for your whole body, but there are some special benefits to your skeleton!

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