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Choose a better line of defense against pain
by our Doctors

Read Choose a better line of defense against pain by our Doctors to learn more about Foxworth Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Flowood, MS.

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62217749_SThere is an opioid epidemic happening all around us. “91 Americans die every day from opioid overdose,” and the numbers are growing. This is not only hurting the individuals with the addiction, but also their friends and families. Many of these people find themselves addicted after being prescribed pain killers by medical professionals. As this ongoing problem continues to climb, we want to spotlight a drug-free option. And September is the perfect time to do so, since it’s Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month, designated by The Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD). It’s sponsored by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.

There is another line of defense for back, neck, and musculoskeletal pain. Instead of focusing specifically on symptoms and numbing the pain, chiropractic care focuses on the problem. We can make adjustments to help reduce the pain, so you can live better, without addiction.

Our society has been trained to reach for pills to get rid of pain symptoms, instead of finding the cause and treating it. This natural way is drug-free, instead of relying on opioids (with possible damaging side effects, such as addiction) to ease the pain.

It’s time to reconsider the way we handle pain and choose a natural solution. We can make a stand against opioid addiction by investing in treating the problems, not the symptoms. Choose chiropractic care as your first line of defense.

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