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Sciatica – Treat the cause, not the symptom
by our Doctors

Read Sciatica – Treat the cause, not the symptom by our Doctors to learn more about Foxworth Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Flowood, MS.

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73919585 - sciatica doctor hand working professional medical conceptIt can be alarming when you first experience sciatica. The sharp pain and numbness can send you running to the doctor, wanting to know what’s wrong. But, sciatica is just a symptom, it’s not an actual diagnosis, and treatment really lies in finding the route of the cause.

While pain relievers can cover the pain, they won’t necessarily fix the issue. The first step to finding longer lasting relief is identifying what the underlying issue really is.

What is sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest in your body, and it branches down each side of your body from your lower back to your feet. If the nerve becomes compressed, it causes the symptom sciatica. This can include sharp pains, numbness/tingling, pain that gets worse when sitting down, pain that makes it difficult to walk or even stand. You may also experience some lower back pain. It can make daily activities difficult, especially if your symptoms fall more on the severe side. You may find sciatica comes and goes, or it may remain more of a constant.

There are several causes that can lead to the symptom of sciatica, and they commonly stem from lower back issues. The good news is visiting a chiropractor can often help identify and treat the cause of sciatica. This drug-free approach can help make sure things are aligned correctly, and that there is less pressure on your nerves. If you’re experiencing these type of symptoms, talk with a chiropractor, and start treating the cause, not just the symptom.

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