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The truth about the dangers of opioids
by our Doctors

Read The truth about the dangers of opioids by our Doctors to learn more about Foxworth Chiropractic and our Chiropractic office in Flowood, MS.

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77773711_SIt’s heartbreaking, but true. According to research, “more than 30% of Americans have some form of acute or chronic pain.” Unfortunately, that means it’s fairly common to suffer from back pain, neck pain, and more. Along with these common pains, we sometimes have to deal with recovering from things like surgery or accidents.

It might come as no surprise we have a growing opioid epidemic. Doctors are faced with deciding which is the best way to help their patients. They often prescribe opioids to help patients manage pain. Although opioids may be okay for a temporary situation, “the general rule of thumb is to use them for four to six weeks, then taper off and switch to other options.” They aren’t ideal for long-term pain management.

Long term use can lead to side effects, such as “severe constipation as well as dangerous sedation. A person who takes an opioid can become cognitively impaired and confused.” It can even lead to death due to accidental overdose or combining prescriptions with alcohol. What’s more, over time, these drugs lose their effectiveness. You’re not only left with the sometimes ugly side effects, you’re also left with lingering pain. People take more than what’s prescribed to try to fight the pain, which leads to addiction.

In some cases, people find themselves going in and out of rehab to try to treat the addiction. Some might find themselves in court or even jail due to the behavioral issues that accompany addiction. In the worst case scenarios, addiction leads to untimely death. If you’re not sure what opioids are or how to identify them, this is a list of brand names (and street names) to help you.

This epidemic is growing, and it’s time to find a better solution for dealing with pain. Opioid addictions can cause lives and families to fall apart. There are other options available for treating pain. Chiropractic treatments effectively treat many pain-related issues. If you’re ready to learn more, contact our office; we’re here to help.

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