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Workers’ Compensation

Are your claimants’ neck and back problems causing YOU headaches?

We can help.

If things can get worse, they usually will.

The only thing worse than claimants with neck and back pain are the headaches their cases may be causing you. Difficulty getting appointments with doctors, initial reports with all the details to help you manage the case, and timely referrals to specialists can all lead to more problems and headaches for you. And let’s not forget dealing with UNAUTHORIZED care.

Here’s how we can help.

How about SAME DAY appointments for a change?

Delays in initial treatment are one of the primary causes of the development of chronic pain and recurrence of injury. For most spine injuries, research shows the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome; which means LESS time off, LOWER treatment costs and fewer headaches for everyone involved. In our clinic, injured workers are often seen the SAME DAY and are encouraged to remain active and at work if at all possible. Conservative chiropractic management of back injuries has also been shown to reduce overall costs by reducing diagnostic testing, hospitalization and overuse of medications that can often lead to dependency: one more headache for everyone involved. For the record, we aren’t “anti-drug or surgery”; we’re just in favor of providing the most conservative, least invasive, least expensive forms of treatment first, and IF that fails, we’ll help guide the patient to the next most appropriate treatment. Chiropractic first, drugs second, surgery last. It just makes good sense.

How about initial reports guaranteed within 24 hours, often the SAME day?

We’ll provide DETAILED reports that contain EVERY item required by the Workers’ Compensation guidelines every time. No more tracking down information that should have been submitted with the claim, wondering if this is a simple strain/sprain or a more complicated case that could lead to other specialty or long term care. Timely information is a must for you to properly plan and manage your cases, and we’ll do our best to make sure you get it in every case.

How about prompt referrals and appointments with other specialist?

When patients aren’t making progress as expected, prompt referrals are important to ensure optimum outcomes. Our practice follows evidence-based guidelines and utilizes outcomes measurements to monitor a patient’s progress throughout the course of treatment. The Journal SPINE recognizes outcomes measurement tools as a valid and objective means of determining patient progress and restoration of function. If patients are not making adequate progress, or we feel other forms of treatment may be more beneficial, we’ll request approval and handle the referral, often with patients being seen in as little as a few days. Outcomes measurement tools can also help document when a patient has reached maximum medical improvement, and help identify patients who may be malingering or exhibiting pain behaviors which will be clearly noted in their records.

Can’t get a claimant in to see a specialist?

Fortunately most patients with neck and back injuries can be managed from injury to full recovery with conservative treatment. However, we recognize that isn’t always the case, and in those instances where specialty consultants are needed, it can be difficult getting an appointment. Our practice is located on the campus of one of the state’s only multidisciplinary spine centers, and we work with some of the best spine physicians in the area.
Because of our location and working relationships, we are often able to have patients seen within 24-48 hours of referral.

Irritated when treatment isn’t approved and goes on anyway?

We know the rules and play by the rules. You’ll receive initial reports outlining the plan of treatment as well as updates along the way to keep you informed. While our focus is taking care of the patient, we’ll do it the RIGHT way with proper authorizations and continue to follow the rules along the way. One less headache for everybody!


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